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"When we get bigger......"

I am always hearing from business that say they will look at getting ISO Certification 'when they get bigger"...which always makes me chuckle.

When I ask them what is stopping them now, it's always the same answer, once we get bigger we will look at doing it then, as ISO Certification is for big companies.

This could not be further from the truth....Generally, in order to get bigger, you need the Systems and Procedures that ISO Certification companies have, to get there.

I have many clients who have fully third party certifiable systems, but have not gained certification. The system is managed as if it was certified, I still conduct quarterly system Audits, and the whole emphasis of the system is based on the 'Continual Improvement' philosophy , as is a fully ISO Certified System.

Visit me website and let me know how I may assist your business, 'before you get bigger'.....

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