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Company fined $200,000 over worker’s death

The development of a detailed business activity Risk Assessment (RA) is the primary driver for all business to ensure that they recognise their business risk, and put actions in place to ensure those risks are minimised or eliminated. The process begins with an initial Consultation to establish a GAP Analysis, from the GAP Analysis, a Risk Assessment is developed and detailed controls are established and then implemented. Quite simply, many business I work with today, thought they were covered, because they had Public Liability Insurance (PLI), my first question to them is 'have you ever had to claim', the usual response is 'no' which I'm glad, because if they had to , the chance of them being covered with no (RA) and controls in place is almost nil.

The cost to develop a 'Non-Certified' Compliance System is relatively minimal, compared to the costs involved should you, your employees or your company be involved in a major incident. Take to time to visit my website and arrange for a Consultation , to discuss where Wright Business Development can assist you, in the development of a Risk Assessment and Compliance System …

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