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Chain of Responsibility (CoR) .....& You

Many of us in the Civil Contracting, Mining, Transport and Rural Industries have been aware of the 'Chain of Responsibilities" Law.

This Law changed on the 1st of October 2018, to incorporate ALL parties in the Chain.

* Prime Contractors

* Schedulers

* Consignee's / Consignor's

* Employers

* Executive Officers

* Loaders / Unloaders

* Loading Managers

* Operators

* Packers

The Penalties for breaching CoR Regulations range from warnings to court imposed fines and penalties relating to the commercial benefit derived from offences.

If you are one or more of the Parties listed above, you need to ensure that you, your employee's and all parties involved in your business are meeting the requirements of the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL).

Contact me via my website and book an appointment to discuss your business activities and I will conduct a GAP Analysis, to recognise where there are areas of exposure and develop a system to assist your compliance to the HVNL without interrupting you day to day business activities.

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